The Full Story Behind Angela Davis’ Speech At Women’s March

Angela Davis was born in Birmingham, Alabama. The family lived in the “Dynamite Hill” neighborhood, which was marked in the 1950s by the bombings of houses of middle-class blacks who had moved into the area. Davis attended Carrie A. Tuggle School, a segregated black elementary school. During this time Davis’ mother, Sallye Bell Davis, was […]

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A Look At Virginia Woolf’s Poignant Suicide Letter On Her Birthday

“Nothing thicker than a knifes blade separates happiness and melancholy.” – Virginia Woolf Virginia Woolf, born Adeline Virginia Stephen on January 25th, 1882 was an English writer and leading modernist of the twentieth century. Known for her groundbreaking books, including Mrs. Dalloway, Orlando, To the Lighthouse, A Room of One’s Own and The Waves and her stylistic […]

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The 12 Insights of Daphne du Maurier Every Woman Needs To Hear

Dame Daphne du Maurier was an English author and playwright. Although she is classed as a romantic novelist, her stories seldom feature a conventional happy ending, and have been described as ‘moody and resonant’ with overtones of the paranormal. These bestselling works were not at first taken seriously by the critics, but have since earned […]

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Cosmetics Mogul, May Kay Ash’s Philosophy On Time Management And Success

Entrepreneur Mary Kay, founder of Mary Kay Inc., built a profitable business from scratch that created new opportunities for women to achieve financial success. Born in 1918 in Texas. Ash was a pioneer for women in business, building a substantial cosmetics empire. In 1939, Ash became as a salesperson for Stanley Home Products, hosting parties […]

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Coretta Scott King: Honoring The Woman Behind The Man

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A day in which we honor a man who dedicated his life to the civil rights movement. A day in which we celebrate a man who refused to give up before the government would give in. There is a woman, however, that should also be acknowledged on this day. […]

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Gertrude Stein’s Most Profound Pieces of Advice

Gertrude Stein. What to say about Gertrude Stein. If anything, there is too much to say about Ms. Stein. What comes to mind for most people when they think of Gertrude Stein is her relationship with Hemingway,Matisse, Dali and Picasso. As the godmother to “the lost generation”, she helped inspire, cultivate and direct some of […]

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The Book of Moods
How I Turned My Worst Emotions Into My Best Life

"A funny, moving memoir filled with so many a-ha moments that I had a hard time putting it down."
 ― Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychology at Yale University and Host of The Happiness Lab podcast

"Hilariously witty, unflinchingly honest, and brimming with hope."
 ― Bobbi Brown, founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics