Words of Women Recommended Books For Quarantine

Unlike most people who traveled home for quarantine, I have my entire collection of books with me. Of course, this was by sheer accident, or rather, coincidence. I moved home three weeks before the news of COVID broke. In the six weeks I’ve been back, I’ve unpacked twelve moving boxes, all of them containing the […]

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9 Beautiful Things You Could Be Doing With Your Time

In 1816, twenty-year-old Mary Shelley and her husband traveled to Switzerland for a summer vacation to the home of their friend’s house, Lord Byron. For three weeks, however, the weather was so bad, so fraught with storms and high winds, no one was able to leave the house. With a few other guests staying with […]

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Kali Yuga: Using Chaos to Rebuild

Jay (my husband) and I got in a fight the other night. One of those fights where I think, This is it.  He’s going to leave me one day. With all that frustration and anger in his voice, how could he not?  It was one of those fights that comes out of nowhere.  The kind […]

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