Inside The Mind Of: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is a professional makeup artist and the founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Along with creating her own line, Brown has written eight books about makeup and beauty along with the Contributing Beauty & Lifestyle Editor of Health magazine Before she was known as a household name, however, Bobbi Brown was just another student […]

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Inside The Mind Of: Taryn Toomey

Describing Taryn Toomey in one succinct definition is almost as impossible as describing her increasingly popular yoga/cardio spiritual awakening class aptly named The Class. If you haven’t heard of it (or taken one by now) The Class is a workout in which both your body and your mind experience such an awakening (dare I say […]

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Inside The Mind Of: Liz Plank

You’ve seen Liz Plank before. If you watch the news, you’ve seen her as a correspondent, representative or expert speaking on behalf of women across the nation. If you don’t watch the news, you’ve seen her on Divided States of Women. The journalist, producer and political correspondent at Vox is now the host of the new show […]

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