The Importance of Supporting Characters

I know how my life seems on the outside. A published book. A good agent. Some press. I know because I’ve looked at many of my colleagues, through the lens of social media, with similar achievements and accolades and thought they had everything. They were doing so well. And I’ve looked at friends outside my […]

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The Case for Imperfect Emails

Two months ago I stopped writing this newsletter the same way I stop or start most things in my life. In a rage. In a flurry. In a moment. I was sitting at the kitchen island, the lights above the counter aggressive and loud, as I stared with crazed eyes at words on a screen. […]

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Red Lips and Politics

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s red lip. The image alone carries power and symbolizes the strength of femininity. And what an interesting concept: strength in femininity. When I read it, I can’t help but consider it an ironic juxtaposition. Women can be strong, yes, but the notions of society don’t associate that as feminine. A strong woman is […]

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The Lethal Masks of Gen Z

As humans, we adapt to situations and often present ourselves differently depending on the setting. We take pride in this. Our ability to speak professionally, make conversation with adults, make friends easily and often. We wear many masks and that is part of life. However, we often have many moments throughout our day and lives […]

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Belonging. Belong. A simple verb and feeling that can consciously and unconsciously steer the direction we take, the choices we make and ultimately how we feel. For such a common word, it really does encapsulate volumes of our experience and needs. It’s most often felt when it’s missing, it’s the absence of belonging that hurts […]

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Growing New Skin Amidst a Pandemic

The plant on my window sill is sprouting new leaves. I am a mother for a small moment, gawking, fussing and rushing to show the household. I peel off the protective layer that has kept the delicate leaves safe from failing. I’m aware of the chlorophyllic processes of plants, which is why I keep him […]

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What Does Publishing a Book Actually Feel Like?

I can’t imagine what you’re feeling right now. So many of my friends and family uttered this phrase to me sometime throughout the day on December 8, 2020. How does it feel? The question poured in, over and over again. It’s a question I, myself, wanted to know for years. How does it feel to […]

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Ursula Le Guin’s Moving Story of Her Illegal Abortion

Ursula Le Guin, who passed away two years ago, was a writer known for her science and speculative fiction. With a career spanning nearly sixty years, she produced more than twenty novels and one hundred short stories. During her career, she received eight Hugos, six Nebulas, and became the second woman honored as a Grand […]

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The Book of Moods
How I Turned My Worst Emotions Into My Best Life

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