What if there were no mirrors? What if you couldn’t exhaustively study your own reflection before you left the house? What if you couldn’t catch a glimpse of yourself in a parked car’s window as you rushed past? Where would we seek out our own reflections? We’d have to search for them in other people. […]

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The Girl

In the darkness of a bedroom that is not ours, tangled in a stranger’s sheets, the moon intrudes. The novelty of our evening soon wears off, as do your sidelong glances, and the two of us are no longer lonely. How easily the dead of night is gentled by half-truths and candlelight. I show you […]

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Come Clean

If I could sit here all day just to think these things through you know I would if I could but there’s just too much to do this life, it’s measured by the minutes & the hours of the days that make up our years here in a world at craze I hope for the […]

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This Body

Every morning I make love to this body I used to treat her like a suit of armor Cold Detached Disposable Replaceable I wake her up every morning I play with her, stretch, push I allow her new experiences Fill every crevice with gratitude I nourish her out of love I am gentle with her […]

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Woman of Integrity

A woman of integrity I am Not I paint my lips the color of winterberry’s Not within the lines Bleeding onto yellowing teeth Corse laughter Head thrown back Aging howling mouth Unashamed of careless indifference I will sleep with a man without knowing His name His intentions His profession I lie For the person I […]

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Fine Sand

And she’ll always slip through your fingers like too fine sand ground by life. Ground by laughing too hard and grieving too dark. Eroded by the water falling from her eyes and the storms raging in her mind. Carried away by the gentle touch of the people she’s loved and the plundering hands of burglars […]

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Citrus Orchards

citrus orchards blue bruises scratchy throats misguided muses helpless hands lightweight hearts heavy eyes thousands of miles empty insides hungry souls whispering willows waned hope Where did you go? drunken mind exposed spines burnt in time chilling cries Why must you hide? youthful cruelty devilish pride you let him inside imparted whole Celestial wretch And […]

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How did I get here?

That very thought crosses my mind most nights as I lay my anxious body to bed. How am I in my thirties still at the same job that I started in my twenties? How am I still paying for rent for a tiny apartment while my friends are building homes? Speaking of friends how is […]

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