The Fear of Love and How I Came to Accept it

There is a saying much repeated by older generations, which goes as, ‘Do not fear anything, for your worst fears will never happen’. Well, guess what? Mine did. I fell in love. Now, one might think, ‘How can love be something that is feared?’ and perhaps in their own way, they are right. Yet, being […]

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“Hi.” He knelt down next to her. She was flipping through a new cookbook at the kitchen table, one of those Ottolenghi ones, marking off recipes she probably wouldn’t make anyway. Not out of lack of skill but rather lack of care to try anything new. “Hi?” She met his gaze, eye level with him […]

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2018: The Year

2018: The Year The year I started in New York. The year I ended up in Asia. The year I swung from Kyoto, to LA, to Hawaii, and back to Kyoto again. The year I spent my mornings drinking green tea with barley. The year I spent my nights wrapped around a grapefruit sho-chu. The […]

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You do not need to see my skin or feel my insides, to get a glimpse of my soul it contorts beyond this thin net of crystallites. Contracting constantly, then broad in other realms. You might not need to hear me speak or watch me live, to taste the waters in which I’ve been sunk. […]

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Not Yours To Touch

You’re in fourth grade. You’re the first girl to reach the age of training bras and awkward curves. He walks up behind you and snaps your bra strap, creating a roar of laughter through the hallway. The sing song of prepubescent boys. You’re ten years old. You’re walking your dog in the neighbourhood you know […]

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What if there were no mirrors? What if you couldn’t exhaustively study your own reflection before you left the house? What if you couldn’t catch a glimpse of yourself in a parked car’s window as you rushed past? Where would we seek out our own reflections? We’d have to search for them in other people. […]

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The Girl

In the darkness of a bedroom that is not ours, tangled in a stranger’s sheets, the moon intrudes. The novelty of our evening soon wears off, as do your sidelong glances, and the two of us are no longer lonely. How easily the dead of night is gentled by half-truths and candlelight. I show you […]

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