Move On

Here is a fact I generally try to keep secret: I am 30 years old, and I’m living with my parents. As much as I’d like to smudge the narrative, save my pride, and say I’m here because of the pandemic, I’m not. I left Brooklyn in September, because after nine years in the city […]

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Back in my Body

A love letter to running and to Maggie Rogers. On a particularly bleak day at the end of March, having been furloughed and in the grip of pandemic panic, I very dramatically did not get out of bed for an entire day or open the curtains, in the manner of an Edwardian society lady with […]

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Hope Is A Religious Thing

On Tuesday, on my daily government-allowed walk, I went around the park instead of towards the canal and turned a couple of wrong turns. I walked some more and stopped right in front of a church that I’d never noticed around the neighborhood before. Partly hidden by foliage, mostly drenched in the atypical April sunshine […]

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A Few Notes On Women And Isolation

Isolations is life’s condition. A void in time you can fill with self-reflection. I can’t imagine anyone better trained at that than a woman. Isolation is silence. We’ve used all words; we are limited in our actions. Stay at home. Who knows silence better than a woman? Isolation is being invincible yet weak. A woman’s […]

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This Is Why (And How) You Should Steal time

I glide my spoon over the pale pink strawberry ice-cream. It’s smooth and not-too-sweet and delicately indulgent. It tastes like summer. I’m drinking fresh mint tea, in a shade of pale green. Tonight, I am dining in perfect pastels, wearing my black dress, my gold hoops gleaming in the soft lighting. I am alone, sitting […]

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Countering Binge Culture with Longevity Endeavours

Anyone who was growing up in the nineties may remember a time when TV (if you had one) offered only four channels. Watching ‘Friends’ on a Friday night with my family was a major treat. With any story you became invested in, there were adverts you reluctantly sat through, and even if an episode ended […]

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The Book of Moods
How I Turned My Worst Emotions Into My Best Life

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