The daughter of screenwriters, it was inevitable that Nora Ephron’s life would revolve around penning stories for stage, screen and paperbacks. But perhaps her best narrative was her own. Nora Ephron is one of those women you think of and smile. A gloriously brash, unfailingly honest, kind, generous, quick-witted Wellesley graduate and wickedly intelligent woman with a love for butter that is hard to match, she started her career during the time of the women’s movement and the New York newspaper strike, both of which served as a gateway to her literary pursuits. No writer ever shared quite so much of his or her life for the sake of a story as she did. Her mother drilled into her that "everything is copy". And so Ephron told of her heartbreak, marriages...


Jane Fonda; she’s Hollywood royalty, fitness ambassador, actress, political activist and writer. Lily Tomlin; she’s a girl from a working-class neighbourhood in Detroit, a comedienne, actress, producer, writer and devoted supporter of the LGBT community. They have each other’s backs about the causes they support, present awards to each other, do talk shows together, walk the red carpet at award shows arm in arm, decide to do projects because the other one is doing it and over the decades have clocked up so much time in the company of one another. Put all of this in one melting pot and you’ve got a rich and meaningful friendship that has stood the test of time, even if Lily doesn’t invite Jane round to her house much. The pair first joined forces in th...

Am I Worthy?

Anonymous: First I want to say how much I adore your Instagram. My friend only just introduced me to it and I have been finding such solace in your words. I just got out of a three and a half year relationship with my college boyfriend; towards the end of our relationship he became increasingly verbally and emotionally abusive. My temp job ends October 15th and I am hoping to move to NYC and pursue my writing career. I am very excited and eager but this is often punctuated with moments of intense pain and feelings of unworthiness. I know that I am worthy of love and success and that these things will find me, but there are moments where I struggle to find the right words to tell myself. Is there anything you could share with me that you think might he...