Whether you consider yourself a writer, painter, photographer, etc. you have most likely experienced a creative block.

I go through phases where my brain seems to shut down. I convince myself the universe hates me, and I question if inspiration will ever return to me.

But over time I have realized that my problem has less to do with being stagnant and more to do with my unrealistic desire to always be creating something amazing.

This has caused me to abandon hundreds of projects sending them away to my creative cemetery, never to be revisited.

But I finally realized what I have to do to move through a creative block: I have to be willing to create a lot of “bad” art.

So I get out my sketch pad and I make shitty art
and I take a deep breath and remind myself it’s okay
and then I make more shitty art
and I write sub-par pieces
and I take low quality pictures
and I allow myself to be bad at the thing I love!

I am accepting the fact that I will not always have amazing ideas. I might only have amazing ideas 1% of the time, and that’s okay.

Creativity is a commitment, and you can’t just show up during the good times! You have to be willing to put in the work all of the time.

So now when I get hit with inspiration I value it deeply, and I accept that it is not mine to keep forever.

I act upon it when it comes and I work for it when it goes away.
Forever committed.
Always creating.

Vanessa Duff
Multifaceted woman. Just passing through.

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  1. Gabryela Speaks

    This is really a nice perspective about being creative. I think you are right. 🙂

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