Lauren Martin is the founder and sole operator of Words Of Women. Founded in 2015, she began the account as a place of solace amidst the superficial world of Instagram. A refreshing break from the Instagram models, Kardashian news and bunch pics, she aimed to create a portal — an escape– where women can discover new things that make them feel alive. From books to quotes to inspirational stories, the account is about discovering your authentic self. 

A place for women to feel inspired, rejuvenated and heard, it’s become a meeting place of the minds. The authenticity of the account, however, has not changed since its inception. Lauren only chooses quotes that resonates with what she’s feeling in the moment. Because of this, the account maintains it’s integrity and energy that so many women feel. Lauren hopes to grow the account in many ways, creating physical and virtual representations of Words Of Women all over the world.

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