Words of Women is a community for women who are tired of the repetitive and abusive nature of the internet. It’s a place of respite, renewal and relaxation. A place to get away from the inundation of Instagram models, Kardashian news and political bashings. A safe haven, Words of Women is seeking to create a forum of like-minded women to come and chat during the day. It’s a place to express our creative side, write when we need to, rant when we have to and chat when we can’t talk to anyone else.

Words of Women encourages ambassadors and users to use their profiles to write the articles the can’t get published anywhere else. Words of Women will read through everyone’s submissions and post on the homepage the articles that resonates most with them.

Created and run by Lauren Martin (@thereallaurenmartin), Lauren founded the site in 2015 as a safe haven — a place to get away from it all — all the Instagram models, Facebook posts and Kardashian news. Realizing there was a gap on Instagram for quality women’s content that wasn’t focused on man hating, body shaming, and health and wellness, she grew the account slowly and steadily. She posts for herself — what she is feeling is what she is posting. When she needs an inspirational quote, she finds one. When she is feeling isolated and alone, she finds a quote that resonates. When she is feeling sad, she finds something to pick her up. Today, she focuses on building her community of women and helping those who just need a moment to “get away from it all”.

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