As children, we are thought to act mostly from our emotional reactions and impulses, which in astrology, is represented by the Moon. Therefore the sign our Moon is in can reveal much about our personality expression as babies and children, up to a more mature age, where then, through growth and experience, our Sun also comes into play, adding a much more layered effect.

Find your moon sign here (Note: it’s not the same as your zodiac sign)

Moon in Aries

A child with their Moon in Aries would be confident and demanding, someone that shows innate leadership skills very early on. They would react to their emotions straight away, whether they are deemed “appropriate” or not, and would also show protective instincts, especially when it comes to smaller or younger children. Would be looked at as a “strong” child, but equally with emotional vulnerability.

Moon in Taurus

A child with their Moon in Taurus would like to stay close to home and people they are familiar with, and may show anxiety or discomfort when forced into new situations. They would likely seem older than their age, described as mature, and would be creative and expressive, though reservedly when around those they do not fully trust. There would be a nurturing instinct in them too, whether to other children, or nature in general.

Moon in Gemini

A child with their Moon in Gemini would be excitable and light spirited, even to the point of becoming easily distractible. They would enjoy mischief and outsmarting those around them, even those of much older age. Words and language likely intrigued them from the start, as well as story telling and theatrics. They might have been easily swept by more consistent or demanding personalities, but always reserved a wit that was unmistakable.

Moon in Cancer

A child with their Moon in Cancer would be very receptive to the environment around them, maybe seeming easily provoked into an emotional response, or quick to pick up on the emotions of others, becoming upset if someone else was. There would be a creativity that came from them early on, the ability to nurture an idea or their imagination. There could be a shyness to them at first, but a surprising amount of will that would soon follow.

Moon in Leo

A child with their Moon in Leo would be fiery and spirited, someone that flourished when they were the canter of attention and affection, maybe even to the point of being reliant on it and showing off. Even so, there would be an innate sense of right and wrong, of justice and what is fair, even if they don’t always follow this, putting their ego first. Shame would soon follow though, and they would once again return to their internal rules.

Moon in Virgo

A child with their Moon in Virgo could appear fussy and easily disgruntled, someone that notices much of the details of what goes on around them. There would be a matter of fact quality to them, but with an underlying care and helpfulness. They may search for approval from their elders, trying to be high achievers or appear disciplined, without needing assistance. Yet, there would also be a wit and humor too, grounded in its expression.

Moon in Libra

A child with their Moon in Libra would value friendship, maybe even needing a “best friend” over others at times for their own sense of ease. There would be a natural interest in people, maybe in other children with different backgrounds or experiences to them, and they may find conflict or augments particularly upsetting. They could be attracted to physically pretty things, things that have a certain flair to them.

Moon in Scorpio

A child with their Moon in Scorpio may find that they can draw something powerful out in others from an early age, can get a reaction that even they may not understand at their young age, which can make them feel somewhat odd. There would be strong emotions stirring in them, but also this ability to see beauty in the things that others may discard, or the things that haunt others. They would feel the safest with strong attachments.

Moon in Sagittarius

A child with their Moon in Sagittarius would be the ones to tread dirt into the house, never pay attention to time limits, to speak when they have been told to be quiet, and to answer back should they view something as wrong. They would be the spirits that need an element of freedom, even as children, not prioritizing what others tell them they should prioritize. They would enjoy making others laugh too, in getting that reaction.

Moon in Capricorn

A child with their Moon in Capricorn would have a sense of what they want for their future, even if this ultimately changed, of looking forward to comparing the now and then and seeing what they have done in that time. There would also be something “old soul” about them, maybe finding enjoyment from tasks that would be considered too old for their age, or boring by their peers. They may also feel patronized by adults in general, in the inference that they would need their help in most things.

Moon in Aquarius

A child with their Moon in Aquarius would be someone that asks questions from a young age, someone that finds that they cannot simply follow an instruction just because it was given to them, especially if they feel they have a better grasp on something than even adults do. They may appear odd, but also unfazed by the judgement of other children and adults. There would be a sense of “to each their own” from an early age.

Moon in Pisces

A child with their Moon in Pisces would be someone that both enjoyed the quiet times of imagination and creativity, but also the ability to slot themselves into wherever they were needed, able to morph into the people that surrounded them. They may ask questions of the universe from an early age, and appear to acknowledge that there may be something “more” even in childlike terms. This would be a child where the parents would hopefully see something other worldly and valuable in them.


This astrology reading is taken from I’m Stuck In A Rut Astrology

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