Crystals grow from molten rock and are formed over millions of years as the magma cools and solidifies. Different chemical compounds in the magma are what create different types of crystals. What makes them so special is that unlike other rocks, the atomic particles in crystals form intricate and perfectly symmetrical shapes that do not stop growing until they’re cut from the source. This is the key to their healing properties as each crystal has a vibrational pattern that influences the vibrational pattern of whatever is around it (and why we’re all so drawn to them!) Because each crystal is unique, the way they relate to your vibrational energy can have a strong impact in your life. If you’ve never owned a crystal before, or aren’t even sure you believe in the whole “vibrational energy” thing, but still love the look of a crystal ring, (hello Kendra Scott!) your birthstone is a good place to start. Here is why:

Birthstone: Garnet
Astrology sign: Aquarius & Capricorn

This fiery stone inspires a sense of lightness. To outgoing Aquarius who lives in the future, Garnet will help bring your many ideas to fruition as it lights a fire under you. To the hardworking, and at times solitary Capricorn, Garnet offers protection from depression.

Birthstone: Amethysts
Astrology sign: Aquarius & Pisces

Amethyst is a very powerful and protective crystal also known as the “sobriety” stone. Amethyst calming properties soothes the mind and emotions. For the Aquarian whose approach to life is through intellect, Amethyst will help them open up emotionally and channel their imaginative, create genius. To the dreamy, introspective Pisces, this sobriety stone will help ground them.

Birthstone: Aquamarine
Astrology sign: Pisces & Aries

Aquamarine soothing energy helps promote tolerance while calming fear and worry. Like the ocean whose energy it mimics, Aquamarine helps to bring one into the flow of life by aiding with sensitivity in a hard, unbalanced world. It’s no wonder this is the birthstone to watery, sensitive Pisces. For the fiery, impulsive Aries. Aquamarine will bring peace.

Birthstone: Diamond
Astrology sign: Aries & Taurus

Diamond is a symbol of love, commitment and fidelity. However, we have created a societal attitude about diamonds that they are exclusively given between lovers as a symbol of commitment. While it is true, and a clear binding force, this idea limits the power of the diamond. Diamond is regal, powerful stone, therefore its attraction to bold Aries who thrives off being a leader is very pairing. Traditional Taurus, who thrives in a materialistic environment full of the things they’ve earned, appreciates the quality and societal, energetic power of the diamond.

Birthstone: Emerald
Astrology Sign: Taurus & Gemini

Emerald is a stone of inspiration, patience and widely known as “the stone of love.” This stone will bring about a calm, relaxed mind to Taurus who leads with the head. It gives patience to Gemini who is basically the life of the party.


Birthstone: Alexandrite (Chrysoberyl) Moonstone, and Pearl
Astrology Sign: Gemini & Cancer

Junes has three birthstones: Alexandrite, Moonstone, and Pearl. Alexandrite is a form of Chysoberyl, which comes in two forms: Cat’s eye, and the rare Alexandrite. It is a stone of new beginnings, compassion, forgiveness, generosity and confidence. For the Gemini whose strength is communication, this gem heightens personal magnetism. For the intensely psychic Cancer, this gem opens up intuition and metaphysical abilities

Birthstone: Ruby
Astrology sign: Cancer & Leo

Ruby is an extremely high vibrating stone with lots of energy. Ruby encourages passion for life, but never in a self-destructive way. For sensitive Cancer who at times can live in their shell, this stone promotes positive dreams and clear visualization. For outgoing Leo, Ruby encourages removal of anything negative from their path while promoting dynamic leadership.

Birthstone: Peridot (also known as Chyrysolite & Olivine)
Astrology sign: Leo & Virgo

This stone is a powerful cleanser, helps release old baggage, burdens, guilt and obsessions. For naturally confident Leo, this gem helps forward movement by heightening dignity, self-respect, courage and integrity. For perfectionist Virgo who loves nothing more than a challenging project, Peridot will aid in letting go.

Birthstone: Sapphire
Astrology signs: Virgo & Libra

Sapphire is known as the wisdom stone. It focuses and calms the mind and releases unwanted thoughts and mental tensions. Virgo is the analyzer of the zodiac and Sapphire will aid in maiking strong, confident decisions. Sapphire brings concentration to Libra who feels a strong desire to bring balance to their life.

Birthstone: Tourmaline & Opal
Astrology signs: Libra & Scorpio

Opal is a delicate stone with a fine vibration. It enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. Opal helps with expressing ones true self- a must for the Libra who wishes to please everybody. Scorpio is the sex sign of the zodiac and opal has always been associated with love and passion.

Birthstone: Topaz
Astrology signs: Scorpio & Sagittarius

Topaz is a mellow, empathetic stone that heals, soothes, stimulates at recharges. Topaz vibrant energy brings joy, generosity and abundance and wonderful for the manifesting.

Birthstone: Turquoise
Astrology signs: Sagittarius & Capricorn

Turquoise is a powerfully metaphysical stone that enhances intuition. It will bring a heightened sense of understanding to Sagittarius who is the executive of the zodiac. To practical Capricorn who is very grounded, it will help them connect to their inner self.

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