Joanna McEwen is a qualified and experienced sound therapist and holds an MA in Applied Anthropology.

She creates and delivers wellbeing workshops through the use of sound healing, music, drama, mindfulness and breath and body awareness. She works with adults and children of all ages and abilities, including those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. She is a trained Empowered Learning Practitioner, working with children with special learning needs.

According to McEwen, we are able to create and influence serendipitous events. But first you must consider that we live in a vibrational universe. You are a vibrational being who pulsates at a particular frequency. Our brain pulsates with electromagnetic energy affected by our emotions, health and general state of well-being. Our body contracts and pulsates. Together they make up you. A composite of frequencies so we each vibrate at our own tune.

Not only do our bodies vibrate on a cellular level these vibrations don’t end with the skin, but instead continue out into space on a vibratory continuum being connected by an energy field.

If an energetic force is struck at the same resonant frequency as a another object, the vibrations will cause the second object to being vibrating.

In terms of how you experience the world, the energy and vibration you give off is met and reflected back. We can feel this on an emotional level. If your internal vibration is one of anxiety, depression, anger, the life experience you have will provide you with people and situations that reflect this back at you. Thereby reinforcing that feeling and creating a circuit of negative experience of life.

It’s like tuning into radio waves. Depending on what frequency you emit will decide on what station you pick up. Therefore if we can raise or enhance our internal vibration, we can create a situation that reflects back a more positive experience of life.

So how do we create that shift? Ancient teaching’s view of how the world is created is by sound. Whilst the truth of these views can be debated, what is clear from modern research is sound at the very least can affect matter.

In the 18th century Ernst Chladniput sand onto a glass plate and vibrated it with a violin. The sand was pulled into beautiful and symmetric patterns.

Through the studies of micro cymatics and sauna psychology, we are now able to hear the difference between a healthy ad unhealthy cell.

You can literally hear the difference between a healthy cell and a stressed cell. If we direct harmonious sounds towards our bodies, we are able to bring ourselves into their own optimum frequency.

Not only do we vibrate on a cellular level, our consciousness – our thoughts and emotions all have their own energetic imprint.

Masaryk Emoto in his book ‘The Secret Life of Water’ exposed water to harmonious sounds, healing thoughts and prayers as well as dissonant music and negative thoughts. He then froze the water and took photographs of the water crystals. The water that had been exposed to the harmonious sounds and healing thoughts created beautiful and geometric water crystals. Those that didn’t were misshapen or not present at all.

Many scientists and philosophers have wondered ‘where does consciousness and our thoughts arise from. Whether you believe this is from a god-given source or from somewhere deep inside the brain, latest research has discovered that it is through our bodily responses – is in quantum vibrations found in microtubules within brain neurons. Therefore, as we have already found out, if by putting harmonious thoughts into our brains we can turn our perceptions and thoughts from chaos to beauty.

We’ve all used music to calm and energize ourselves.

The perfect fifth harmonic by Baroque music is one of the most healing harmonic arrangements there is, being both expansive and stable. By creating a steady rhythm through use the baroque music a steady rhythm can be created to allow the mind to latch onto it, slow down and relax.

The left and right hemispheres of the brain being to resonate to a steady rhythm, the subconscious and unconscious minds become aligned and you become more vibrationally coherent and increasingly powerful. When this happens, life starts to flow and those serendipitous moments increase. Those serendipitous moments that seem so random and elusive start to become more frequent and expected because not only are we tuned into a more enjoyable radio station, we become less passive and more active at steering our course.

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    • Hannah

    • 4 years ago

    How do you raise your vibrational energy? Or what are you supposed to listen to?

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