I exist within the vibrations of the world.

Your vibration is your energy. If all things in life are connected, then your vibration is your ability to attract the things you want and the things that are meant to for you. The Law of Attraction states that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.

Your vibration is what attracts things to you. It’s what causes things to notice and find you. When your vibration is high, you are emitting a frequency that is towards your goals in life.

When you feel stressed out, frustrated, exhausted, depleted, irritated…chances are you are filled with “resistance”. Resistance is the energetic sludge that holds you stuck in a place you don’t want to be. It’s what prevents your dreams from manifesting, prevents anything good from manifesting.

Here’s 7 signs your vibration is increasing:

1. Clarity – less confusion, more decisions

You are developing a deeper understanding of yourself and what you came here to do – you’re making decisions based on this new understanding and feeling less confused about your direction in life.

2. Sense of purpose – Each interaction you have feels significant

You may have been questioning everything during your initial stages of awakening, but now that your vibration is increasing you feel the importance behind each interaction. You are recognizing that they were meant to happen and understanding why they are significant for your journey.

3. Perspective – You don’t sweat the small stuff

Vibrating at a higher frequency means that you’re able to put your problems into perspective by being present in the now. You are able to recognize when you are reacting from temporary emotion and instead are able respond from permanent consciousness.

4. Oneness – you feel connected to everything and everyone

You recognize that everyone you meet is a reflection of you and that there is no other – only oneness. This reduces all conflicts you had in your life because you seek to learn from each interaction rather than reacting to the illusion of separation that has caused the conflict.

5. Love – love attracts love

You fill yourself with love by surrounding yourself with the people, places and things you love and invite more of it into your life through this practice. You know that ultimately love is the cure for anything that seems to be distracting you from the now.

6. Peace – both within and without

You notice that you are more at peace with yourself than ever before, you seek to maintain and cultivate this peace by distancing yourself from anything that resembles drama. During this process you attract others who are seeking the same and will begin to inspire them.

7. Acknowledging the ego –  living from spirit rather than mind

You are able to notice when your desires are coming from the mind, rather than the spirit – the ego rather than the soul. You understand that worldly desires of flesh and material are insignificant in comparison to the one true desire of the soul – love.


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