As women, talking and listening is something we thrive on. We pride ourselves on our relationships and our ability to sit with each other for hours, talking about nothing, and subsequently, everything.

This list of 20 quetsions is by Sophie Calle.

Sophie Calle is a French writer, photographer, installation artist, and conceptual artist. Calle’s work is distinguished by its use of arbitrary sets of constraints, and evokes the French literary movement of the 1960s known as Oulipo. Her work frequently depicts human vulnerability, and examines identity and intimacy. She is recognized for her detective-like ability to follow strangers and investigate their private lives. Her photographic work often includes panels of text of her own writing.

It’s a good list to print out and bring to your next girl gathering. You’ll be surprised how much you learn about each other.

1. When did you last die?
2. What gets you out of bed in the morning?
3. What became of your childhood dreams?
4. What sets you apart from everyone else?
5. What is missing from your life?
6. Do you think that everyone can be an artist?
7. Where do you come from? Do you find your lot an enviable one?
8.What have you given up?
9. What do you do with your money?
10. What household task gives you the most trouble?
11.What are your favorite pleasures?
12. What would you like to receive for your birthday?
13. Cite three living artists whom you love.
14. What do you stick up for?
15. What are you capable of refusing?
16. What is the most fragile part of your body?
17. What has love made you capable of doing?
18. What do other people reproach you for?
19. What does art do for you? Write your epitaph.
20. In what form would you like to return?

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  1. These questions are incredible! They are ery thought provoking, and exhibit the kind of mind set which most people ought to use in every day discourse. These questions offer us examples of ways to connect in a world where the image and social media has eclipsed real connection.

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