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Come Clean


If I could sit here all day
just to think these things through
you know I would
if I could
but there’s just too much to do
this life, it’s measured
by the minutes & the hours of the days
that make up our years here in a world at craze
I hope for the best
nothing more
nothing less
just because we’re so small
and; eventually the world will just swallow us all
we come here to build purpose
we are designed to fight
for our right
just to be here
while the end of our path resides near
sometimes I say what I want
but most of the time I hold back
lump in my throat
I have to bite my tongue
because my words, they get so strung
but whether I say what you want to hear
or I say what I mean
all I’m trying to do
every day
is come clean

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  • Friska Frindira
    Friska Frindira Posted November 30, 2018 9:59 pm

    Hi camryn, I really love this. especially the last part. Pretty much what I feel lately.
    Thank you for writing this.

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