citrus orchards
blue bruises
scratchy throats
misguided muses

helpless hands
lightweight hearts
heavy eyes
thousands of miles

empty insides
hungry souls
whispering willows
waned hope

Where did you go?

drunken mind
exposed spines
burnt in time
chilling cries

Why must you hide?

youthful cruelty
devilish pride
you let him inside
imparted whole

Celestial wretch
And yet,
They ask where you went.
She holds a space in her heart
earthly hurt is welcome
Swaying as she walks
Cradling her elusive pains
Singing to her brethren
Intelligent in the way she advances
gears for change
a woman is a true gift
once discarded
obsolete illicit
Planet of pearls
Remaining in luster
Resting on her head wrinkles of courage
A craft to eradicate, inject, do away with
The woman could never permit to dismiss
The same woman has been lost, targeted
Raised barely above a fiery pit
for beauty is those whom suffer inwardly
pose, click, filter, the blood cleaned from her wrists
fake it until you become it
advertise your body
next thing you know
you bargained your Soul
wagering war
planet of pearls
ashes of injustice, transformed
she is an obligation
the virgin burden

By way of her wise soul, pure; candidly forlorn
For long ago, it had known, knows, knowing- always
Every waking moment
Nebula of new life implanted within her shrine
Unfortunate, failure to protect
Secure her in faith,
the conscious queen
Seen all through her Eye
Born and beheld
Beautiful spec of eternity

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