“I hated high school. I don’t trust anybody who looks back on the years from 14 to 18 with any enjoyment. If you liked being a teenager, there’s something wrong with you.” – Stephen King

High school is a weird time. Contrary to popular belief, high school is not a “miniature real world”. It’s f*cking Hell with a lot of assholes. If you were cool in high school, congratulations. If you weren’t, let me tell you, no, promise you, it gets so much better.

The thing about high school is, you do learn a lot about the real world (even if it’s nothing like the real world). You learn what it’s like to be betrayed, lied to, confused and completely lost. You learn you can’t trust everyone and people who say are your friends can actually be the first to stab you in the back. You learn that the real world is a scary place and if you don’t start getting your act together, it’ll walk all over you. So whether you’re in high school, entering high school or can’t remember the name of you high school, these lessons will apply throughout your entire life.

1. Trust your instincts

When something seems off, trust your gut. You don’t want to wait for a reason that validates these feelings. Trust when someone’s mean, when a guy is being distant and when you feel like you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be.

2. Don’t trust assholes 

When you see him talking to other girls, leave. Don’t let him fool you with his lies –because he will. If he loves you, he’ll act like it. If he’s playing you, he’ll confuse you.

3. Friends that ditch you aren’t your real friends

Don’t make excuses for them. They aren’t worth the pain and the nights spent wondering if they’re hanging out without you. Spend that time finding real friends –I promise they’re out there.

4. Take things a day at a time

No test, no boy, no bad day is the end of your life. Get through the day, go home, take a long shower, wash it off and remember that tomorrow will be better.

5. It’s in your self interest not to say mean things about other girls

You never regret the things you don’t say. Don’t give people a reason to hate you. You want to collect positive opinions, not negative.

6. Be aware of the relationships which give and take

They don’t all come in equal measure however. Unfortunately, some people will use you. Whether it be for parties, money or entertainment. If you ever feel uncomfortable about someone or something, LEAVE.

7. Actually get to know your teachers

You’ll want their advice and their help someday. It may not be this year or next, but eventually you may need a recommendation or just someone with experience to have your back.

8. Be selective about the boys you kiss

Don’t go kissing (or blowing) just anyone. You may like the short term attention but the long term regrets stick around much longer. Your pride will last much longer than 2 minutes of flattery. Remember this.

9. Be nice to your parents

You’re going to miss them once you’re on your own.

10. No text is also a text

Enough said.

11. Don’t believe all rumors

There are some out there about you that definitely aren’t true.

12. Grades aren’t everything — but they also ain’t nothing

Work hard but don’t kill yourself. If one subject doesn’t come naturally, work as hard as you can at it but don’t hate yourself when you can only manage a C.

13. Focus on the things you’re good at 

And get really good at them. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. I promise, you’re going to be amazing at something someday.

14. Read the books they give you

They’re classics. You don’t realize it now cause you’re being forced to read them, but in 5 years you’re going to pick up that book again and it’ll change your life. Do yourself a favor and let it change your life now.

15. Talk to the weird kids

They’re the kids you’re going to want to be friends with once all this bullshit is over. They’re the adults at your work you’ll be too scared to talk to one day. Because they’ll be “cool.”

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