Jupiter turned retrograde Monday, and calls us to question what is fair, both in our personal lives and the collective whole. There has been a lingering feeling of exhaustion, and a questioning of whether we will ever reap the benefits of the hard work we have been putting in. It can all feel discouraging and a bit somber, but our Jupiter Retrograde is arriving to alleviate it all. Unlike the effects of the often dreaded Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde happens less often, and for much longer and is known to bring unexpected luck.

Jupiter, the ruler of wisdom and luck, will be in retrograde until June 8th, and offers us a lovely bundle of time to achieve the growth and happiness in the areas of our life we have been working so hard to make progress in. While we often associate retrogrades with aspects in our lives coming to a screeching halt – which is not often welcomed – Jupiter slows things down just enough for us to get our footing and assess what is best for the greater good of our dreams. When we are not overwhelmed with the great speed of how everything in our lives is moving we have the space to breathe, reset and determine what areas of our lives require a little more TLC, in order to make everything feel better overall.

What should each sign focus on this Jupiter Retrograde?

Aries – Relationships and fairness in deals and partnerships

Taurus – Lifestyle; mental, emotional and physical health

Gemini – Love; both new and existing. Cultivate a deeper love within already formed relationships, and seek to draw in a new love.

Cancer – Emotional security

Leo – Creativity, mental flexibility and expansion

Virgo – Self-esteem and financial security

Libra – Refining yourself, understanding your ego and its boundaries

Scorpio – Facing fears head on

Sagittarius – Physical expansion- move, travel, explore

Capricorn – Professional expansion and advancement

Aquarius – Expansion of mind and new ways of thinking

Pisces – Trust, expanding various comfort zones

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