Personality is influenced by many things. We can’t pinpoint the way we are to one specific reason, however, it’s always fun to get some insight into where certain aspects of our personality stem from. If personality was completely genetic, why are some of us so different from our siblings and our parents? Why are we drawn to certain things? Why do we react differently than others?

One explanation is our zodiacs, but even more specifically, the day of the week we were born on.

The seven days of the week correspond to the seven visible celestial bodies — Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These celestial bodies are what make up our zodiac signs (your sign is governed by one of these planets) and affect us on a daily basis. Our ancient ancestors named the seven days of the week after these planets, so that every day of the week has a particular meaning. The day you were born on has a ruling planet, making up part of your character the same way your zodiac does. To find the day of the week you were born on, simply type in your exact birth date into Google and it will give you the day.

Monday: The Moon Day

Ruled by the moon, Monday babies are sensitive, moody, intuitive, emotional and romantic people. Just as the moon creates changes and currents on Earth, a child of the moon is highly prone to changes of mood. Our ocean’s tides and many of our life’s cycles are based on the rhythms of the Moon, thus the moon is key to home, genetics and family life, so a child born on this day will receive great satisfaction from these principals. They love being at home, prefer a feeling of security and consistency, and have an intuitive grasp of carving out their own territory in the world.

Tuesday: The Day Of Mars

The ruling planet of Mars symbolizes a fighting spirit, a desire for independence and an obsession with winning. This masculine planet of action brings intensity to wherever it goes. Children born on Tuesday have strong personalities and are real fighters, fighting either for success, love or anything really, they don’t give up easily. Tuesday’s child is active, enthusiastic, energetic, courageous, brave, impatient, sometimes too fiery and destructive, and has a big desire to achieve.

Wednesday: The Day of Mercury

We can tell a lot about Mercury from the fact that it’s the planet that makes it way so quickly around the sun it appears to be moving backwards. The three annual periods of Mercury Retrograde allow us all to review our accomplishments, and throw enough chaos into our plans that those ruled by Mercury learn to be the best improvisers. Children of this day will inherit the restless and questioning qualities associated with this planet. Wednesday’s child is communicative, logical, unreliable, careless and versatile. These individuals have a message to deliver to the rest of us and need to stay on the move, learn and communicate in order to prosper. Wednesday born people are very smart and have amazing communication skills but have also workaholics tendencies.

Thursday: The Day of Jupiter

Thursday is actually known as Thor’s day, the mythological God of Thunder who is also known as Jupiter. As the largest planet in the solar system, it is the ruler of all big things, expansions and excess. Taking twelve years to move through the zodiac, it stays in each sign for about a year.The most beneficial of the planets, Jupiter symbolizes expansion, happiness, optimism, good humor and perspective, which means that Thursday’s child will be jovial, generous, but also have the tendency for self-deception. This is a planet of teaching and a child born on a Thursday will always have a special philosophy to share with the world.Thursday born people are family oriented and are very generous, honest, freedom loving people

Friday: The Day of Venus

Venus rules art, beauty and most of all, love. Venus moves around the zodiac in about eleven months, but over a two-year period it has one stretch of a retrograde that can last almost two months at times. This is the pause that inspires the artist and the lover inside … Venus is the muse for us all. Friday’s child is social, seductive, artistic, and sometimes too dependent on opinions of other people, lazy and vain. This child needs to be surrounded by beauty and love, or their talents might remain hidden from the world and their joy subdued. Friday born people are harmonious people destined to art, fashion and creativity and have a weakness for luxury.

Saturday: The Day of Saturn

Saturn is the only planet to rule two contiguous zodiac signs. Saturn is the planet of limitations, perhaps unsurprisingly being the last planet visible in the sky to the naked eye from Earth.

Ruled by Saturn, it points to the importance of this child’s life in the family tree and never speaks of an easy life path. With Saturn’s influence, this child is born with a task to resolve, modest, slow and studious, turned to other worlds and lifetimes. Saturday’s child will be wise, professional, practical, strict and suspicious, with a tendency to put their head through a wall when they want something badly. Saturday born people are typical individualists and prefer to be alone but have great organization skills

Sunday: The Sun’s Day

Viewed as the first day of the week, Sunday is a day of rest and worship. The Sun is the most consistent measure of time in the zodiac. The Sun visits the same spot that it occupied at the moment of your birth in one-year intervals. This consistency is the basis of our calendar and many other divisions of time. Ruled by Sun, Sunday born people have bright auras and magnetic personalities. Sunday’s child is creative, noble, proud, self-centered, bold and loud.

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