Feelings Associated With The Signs

This article is courtesy of Angelea. Aries   Ripping off the band-aid, waking through a forest, being center stage, police sirens, fingernails tapping against a desk, boiling water, a sunflower field. Taurus   Chocolate melting, the ticking sound of a clock, full bodied red wine, blanket forts, sliding across a wooden floor in your socks, using sticks […]

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11 Steps For Self Care

1.If it feels wrong, don’t do it “Study the hurtful patterns of your life. Then don’t repeat them.” – Yasmin Mogahed Women’s intuition is a powerful force. It tells us something is wrong before our brain can register the threat. It’s important to listen to our gut feelings. A way to gain control of your life […]

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Change Your Life: 8 Things You Need To Quit Right Now

“Don’t let your habits become handcuffs.” – Elizabeth Berg I have a lot of bad habits. Like most bad habits, they’re self-destructive. However, they’re not the kind of nasty compulsions people visualize when they hear bad habits. There’s no smoking, excessive drinking or drugs. It’s not biting my nails or chewing my lips (even though I […]

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The Book of Moods
How I Turned My Worst Emotions Into My Best Life

"The Happiness Project meets So Sad Today in this "hilariously witty, unflinchingly honest" book from the beloved founder of Words of Women, contemplating the nature of negative emotions, and the insights that allowed her to take back control" (Bobbi Brown)
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