Isolations is life’s condition. A void in time you can fill with self-reflection. I can’t imagine anyone better trained at that than a woman.

Isolation is silence. We’ve used all words; we are limited in our actions. Stay at home. Who knows silence better than a woman?

Isolation is being invincible yet weak. A woman’s domain – feeling she can do it but doubting to keep society’s ill balance.

Isolation is a moment of crisis we are expected to deal with. My persistence is soft yet relentless. I close it in my heart. It is always beating. I inherited it from women who have lived it.

Isolation is looking for signs. Sun touching your face in a half-lit room. If I was asked who might be sending them, I wouldn’t know how to reply but I would still believe it.

Isolation is a rare edition of your beloved book. It belongs to you only. Its meaning is up for your interpretation.

Isolation is self-awareness. Of your body and its rights that no politicians shall deny. It is a version of history women know so well.

Isolation is care of others. Putting yourself second to make sure your child is safe. Doing grocery shopping for your older parents. Women are guardians of our world’s wellbeing. It is

Isolation is now required by law. It is an oppression imposed for human safety. Yet, who understands imposed exclusion better than a woman?

Isolation is feeling. A constant cloud of thoughts hangs above your waiting. And women know the wait.

Isolation is woman’s paradise. No voices that can questions her self-esteem. No gestures that can physically abuse her. She rediscovers her own mysticism: a healthy body, a kind mind, a wise heart.

Isolation is woman’s time.

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