Olivia Cummings is that girl whose kind of life you're jealous of. From her Instagram to her business, it seems like she's got it all figured it out -- world travels, beautiful jewelry and an impressive style. She's got friends all over the world, from Paris to Istanbul, she's seen and done it all. But how did this Australian entrepreneur create such a life?  How does she travel 365 days of the year while maintaining her own business? The main ingredient: passion. While studying at Melbourne University, she became enchanted with languages, but none more than French. After many trips back and forth across the Indian Ocean, Olivia finally moved to Paris. Her days were filled with wine and cheese, her vacations with adventures around Europe, India and Turkey...

I’m Bored

I’m bored of my job – even though it’s the one I always wanted. Isn’t that the worst? You finally have the job you’ve waited for and now there’s nowhere to go and you come to the sinking realization that you’re still not happy – and probably won’t ever be happy. What’s my job entail? Making memes at a bonafide media corporation whose name I won’t mention (but assume it’s the Vogue of the media world). Not only is it creative, but I’m paid well. It doesn’t matter though because shit still gets repetitive and I’m bored. My best friend is an addict. We’re not talking right now. We usually stop talking once a month – after I get to a point where I’m tired of her being late, crying during our sleepovers and forgetting to pay me back. I usually send her five s...


Unless you were in the industry or in the fashion know, it’s unlikely Grace Coddington would have been a name you recognized pre 2009. But this accidental celebrity has always been in the forefront of fashion. You just never noticed. As a young girl stuck in Anglesey, Wales, the arrival of her copy of Vogue was the highlight of the month. It allowed her to dream beyond her small, convent-educated life; a life that she would eventually end up living. At 17, Grace was entered into a Vogue modeling competition and she subsequently won the Young Model section. From this, her lengthy relationship with Vogue began, though her modeling career subsided after a car accident that left her with a severed eyelid and head injuries. Two years following her accide...