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    You are full of lightness and grit.

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    Jasmine Marzolf

    You are light and you are darkness. You are a wild stallion and you are a delicate flower. You are a summer day and you are a perfect storm. I never know what’s next with you, all I know is wherever you go I want to be a witness.

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    Vilma Guzman

    I was told by one of my closest friends “I wish I can be half the person you are. You are strong, selfless and give without asking in return”.

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    Shes the most abstract person i’ve ever met

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    That I do a great job keeping up with my family’s medical history when I take care of someone full time

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    Alixe Menard

    A boy once told me he’d never seen someone so authentic and true to herself so early on in life

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    A good friend of mine was looking through some photos I had taken on a vacation and said, “you’re an artist Thea.” I never thought of myself that way before. As small as that moment may have seemed, it changed the way I viewed myself.

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    “Your spirit is undauntable”

    I know “undauntable” is not a real word, but that’s what she said, and it never left me. It has become my mantra <3

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    “You ll be a great mother”.

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    My dad was never one to pass out compliments… but a few years ago at dinner he said, “I don’t worry about you because I know there is nothing you can’t handle. You’re going to bounce back from anything.” And when your dad has that much faith in you, it makes you feel like you can take on the world.

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    You’re impossible to forget.

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    Bj Hickman

    I feel like I just exhaled for the first time today when you walked up to me. You always have that effect on me.

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    You are quietly magical

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    “You should have faith in prayers. They do work. I prayed for you and look, now I have you.”

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    Laura A

    You are a strong woman, feminine but dominant. Harder to reach but no one can get by you. The coolest I’ve ever met.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)

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