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    You’ve got to have a degree of madness in you so people know not to cross your boundaries.

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    Antonia Crow

    “If you really want that pink wig, go buy it, instead of just talking about wanting to buy it. ”-Mama Bear

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    Bj Hickman, Certified Master Coach

    Kill them with kindness.
    Trust your gut.
    Every dog has its day.

    Many people hear the first one and think it means to just take sh*t with a smile but my mom meant to just be genuinely kind to people who don’t like you. I’ve lived by all three for 60 years, and I cant begin to tell you how this has shaped who I am in the world.

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    Amelia Cremer

    I understand.
    You are never the only one with a struggle. Someone, somewhere, shares your same struggle.

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    Martha Doyle

    Never bring anything into this world that you alone cannot support. Never rely on anyone but yourself.

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    Annabella D.

    If you think he’s treating you wrong, he is. Get out.

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    Victoria Cook

    All you can do is all you can do,and all you can do is enough

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    Let him woo you. Love is best when it’s slow!

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    “No one is superior no one is inferior”

    ” possibilities are endless ”

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    Anaïs Dubard

    « Don’t depend on a man, neither financially nor emotionally »

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    You’re gunna kiss a lot of frogs.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)

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