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    Lauren Martin
    Lauren Martin
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    Write down your favorite lyric from a song.

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    Lauren Martin
    Lauren Martin
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    ‘Dreaming, I was only dreaming.” – Billie Holiday, Gloomy Sunday

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    Rachna Sailor

    And so lying underneath those stormy skies
    She’d say, “Oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, I know the sun must set to rise.”
    -Coldplay, Paradise

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    Janani Krishnan

    Same hurt in every heart
    Same trailer , different park
    – merry go round by kacey musgraves

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    Lauren Martin
    Lauren Martin
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    Something told me it was over
    When I saw you and her talking
    Something deep down in my soul said, “cry, girl”
    When I saw you and that girl walking around
    -Etta James, I’d Rather Go Blind

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    “Gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight…”
    Bruce Cockburn, “Lovers in a Dangerous Time”

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    Sneaky, Freaky, that’s what they would call me.
    People wont accept me, guess i’m not attractive,
    walk and talk and yes I’ve got a different style.
    But I aint no fool, Daddy says I’m cool.
    An unusual attraction, is better than perfection.
    This what my daddy says, uhhhhhhhh, a freak….


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    “If its meant to be it’ll be, it’ll be Baby just let it be ”
    – Meant to be (Bebe Rexha ft. Florida Georgia Line)

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    “Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end.” Semi sonic- closing time

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    Can I sail through the changing ocean tides? Can I handle the seasons of my life? -Landslide x Stevie Nicks

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    Rachna Sailor

    “Even with no light
    We’re gonna shine like gold
    In this mad mad, in this mad mad world”
    -Madonna, “Ghosttown”

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    Lauren Martin
    Lauren Martin
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    And if you care, don’t let them know
    Don’t give yourself away
    Joni MItchell, Both Sides Now

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    —-no es solo una cuestión de elecciones. No elegí este mundo, pero aprendí a querer.
    it’s not just a matter of choice. i didn’t choose this world, but i learned to love.
    Cerca de la revolución- Charly Garcia
    —- tengo todo por delante, y nunca me senti tan bien.
    I have everything ahead of me, and I never felt so good.
    Fuerza natural-Gustavo Cerati
    —- though these bodies are not our own, walk tall little one, walk tall. Baby Boy-Childish Gambino

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    I nestle in to pain.
    Hug suffering.
    Caress every ache.

    – Bjork Play Dead

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    Rachna Sailor

    “Everything you want’s a dream away
    We are legends, every day”
    -Coldplay, “Adventures of Lifetime”

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