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    this might sound like a joke, but it’s not: jane fonda in her exercise videos. she’s so strong, beautiful, and helpful it just makes me want to kick shit with freshly toned legs.

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    Shreya Roy

    ‘Rachel Watson’ from the book and the movie ‘The girl on the train’. Her struggle of survival all through her life- Infertility and then a cheating husband. She had to survive that betrayal and see her love loving someone else and having a little baby in that same house where she always dreamt of living with him. The story progresses with many unfolding suspense and at the end, shows her courage when she stabs the love of her life, and takes fair revenge not only for herself, but also for the other women he had betrayed all his life.

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    Sushmita sen(bollywood) former miss universe(1994).she is the most versatile and attractive person I’ve ever seen in my entire life.one of her best thing i really get stoked by is being a single mother.the way she adores her daughters is so advertising.this really makes me feel to have a real essence of being a woman.she is a business woman,a supermom,Bollywood actress and lots more.she is really a super woman.a true trend setter and a sample for being beauty with a duty.for me she is an eye opener.incredible woman !!!

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    It’s actually not from a movie but a series. Sophia from Girlboss. Her attitude towards her life is everything. I admire her personality and it inspired me to constantly do more on what really excites me most.

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    edie sedjwick from factory girl because she is so honest and pure yet so completely flawed in the eyes of society and this paradox is what is so fascinating

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    Gia Carangi from the film called “Gia” enters the modeling world of high fashion signed with Whilemina Agency as she struggles to find love & acceptance…falling in Love She battles her alter ego personality and her own personality pushing her real self down tangling in a world of drugs until it leaves to her fatal downfall. She is my favorite because she is the strong at putting up a mask on her face to not allow herself vulnerable to the world and gives that “I don’t give a F*** attitude

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    Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice- is a book but also a film!

    One of my fave quotes of her:

    “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.” – Elizabeth Bennet

    She’s independent, determined and an inspiration to me!

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    Seems like most are going for the inspirational/hero/protagonist female characters, but mine has to be Mallorey Knox from Natural Born Killers because she escaped a toxic and abusive father and a mother who did nothing to stop it, and went on a murder spree with her boyfriend. I loved that despite her anger and sin, she still had a poetic & romantic side. She represents the “bad girl” archetype and shows how even women who have a hard exterior still are sensitive and have a desire to be loved.
    She displayed femininity while being the ultimate fearless bad bitch.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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