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    Lauren Martin
    Words of Women

    There’s too much pressure put on us to be in a relationship. Let’s take some time to appreciate the benefits of being alone and independent. What’s the best thing about being single?

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    Only having to worry about myself for meals!

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    Clarita Flores

    Hay momentos increíbles en los que estamos solos y nos gustaría apreciarlos con una persona, pero tal vez ese instante no sería apreciado sin la soledad.

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    Having time to really get to know who you are and what you want. It is also an amazing chance to become very strong and driven by your own personal achievements rather than living through your partner.

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    Melissa Mae

    Coming home to a quiet house. Waking up to silence and making coffee for one. Arriving when I want, leaving when I’m ready. No permission, no checking in, no arguments about who/what/where/when. Spoiling myself completely with no guilt of being selfish. Simply being alone, not as an escape, but as a gift.

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    The feeling of being stronger and being more independent because i did things on my own like travelling overseas.

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    zinchi maree

    I simply love how u put it..

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    Best part of being single is to be just who you are, no curtailment of your personality to make room for someone else’s. That everybody else is perceiving you the way you actually are. But what is great about that is that you know that they actually like you as a person not the couple or the way you’ve been with your previous partner.
    Being single is giving me confidence.

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    To spent time with yourself, getting to know and LOVE yourself !

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    Being selfish & free! No restraints, no being forced to hide or downplay any aspect of who you are in order to make someone else comfortable, going where YOU want to eat, where YOU want to shop, where YOU want to travel. Learning who you are, and learning how to be a complete person on your own, so that when you do meet someone you are more likely to have found the right match, as you have a better understanding of what you want & deserve.

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