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    Elena Gonzalez @santasteclas

    Write about that woman waiting for someone.
    Here: she disappeared.

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    Jessie Cali

    I don’t remember your name, but I remember your eyes.

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    Natarsha Pleasants McAllister

    He arrived like a well timed intermission, my soul applauded.

    IG: Tarshatherealtor

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    Natasha Pleasants @flybrowngirlsociety

    Experience is the best teacher. Your Evolution depends on it.

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    Jenna Hills

    I fell away and emptiness filled with all my Becoming.

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    I’m back; healed. Didn’t you know? I have reversible skin.

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    Lisa Hjort

    Close in moment
    Absent in time
    The intimate while

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    She crawled out of the earth – not undead, but reborn.

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    Planned our wedding and divorce. Still need to introduce myself.

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    Passport, visa, fourteen-hour flight. Spent the semester watching Netflix.

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    Fleeing an abusive relationship, realized I would never escape myself.

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    quiet contempt
    monotonous humdrum
    incessantly swimming up
    escape away

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    Adrienne Michelle

    My Troubles as Inspiration for Minimally-Worded Story Contest Entries

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    Christina McGregor

    Write, lost soul. Find yourself in your words.

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    Old woman muttered, “Forget history. Make your story…” I nodded.

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 143 total)

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