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    @validblue Jamie Van Cleave

    Yellow days quietly turn to fall, glowing trees, wild seas.

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    Bit my tongue, didn’t hurt as much as I thought.

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    She faced it anyways; breathing deeply, cascading her light courageously.

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    A Pheonix reborn, rising to create her story… Emblazoned Resistance.

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    A M
    Alissa Ralph

    Naked, she presses: hot water. Spin-cycle high. Heavily-soiled.

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    Rain Rose

    I was the collateral damage in your war against yourself.

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    Rain Rose

    Sometimes we are broken so the light can get in.

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    Dana Cordova

    She cried on return flights, because she’d seen too much.

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    Rain Rose

    What moves me? Love whispers, I listen. It’s that simple…

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    Lindsay Gerszt

    Be patient in your journey. Your time is coming.

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    Rain Rose

    Like breathing, I have not lived one day without you.

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    Rain Rose

    I was undone to be recreated;
    This is my rebirth.

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    Sebya Gorre-Clancy

    He used the word “clandestine” and she fell in love.

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    Casey martin

    Loved you.grew them.rip me apart. destroyed.im dead.

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    Bj Hickman

    Unbecome, I returned to myself for therein lies my truth.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 143 total)

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