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    She loves them. One soulmate. One partner. Both magnificent romances.

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    her eyes, like craters, can cease a sea in fury.

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    Kelsey Head

    She looked and he gazed over her whole essence. Claimed.


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    Whitney M

    Abandon in a different way lead to the true me

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    Jenessa – @jenessa5000

    Thirteen years selfishly ruined. Selfless love, beautiful children. I win.

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    Sara Graves

    let them influence your beliefs but not ever determine them

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    Energy wasted – on breaths taken – and words created. For what?

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    In love or Heartache, it all comes down to music

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    Karen xkazdobbinsx

    Pause.Be mindful,curious.
    Embrace your journey;this is life.

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    And then i told him, “you can’t hurt me anymore.”

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    Amanda E

    Love and drugs
    Have brought misery.
    I keep crawling back.

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    Amanda E

    My days sober finally match my age.
    I will survive.

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    Amanda E

    & I’m sorry for all the times you didn’t apologize.

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    Amanda E

    I choked on my words harder than you choked me.

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    Amanda E

    We’re all arsonists,
    setting fire to love,
    and us.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 143 total)

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