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    Adrienne Michelle
    Adrienne Michelle

    And now, women,
    we must be fearless
    to resist

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    Night-time, she inhales, breathes with the beauty of it all.

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    Julia, @juliajuliaroserose

    Wearing a dress that only he was meant to unzip.

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    “I knew I could Fly”

    I walked to the end of the rope and jumped.

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    Treva Colton

    Born to a story-telling family, she came by lying honestly.

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    Treva Colton

    Inputting your size and the website shows purses and socks.

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    Treva Colton

    Her daily uniform was a yoga instructor’s casual funeral.

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    Aching with booze soaked memories
    She whispered aloud
    ‘no more’

Viewing 8 posts - 136 through 143 (of 143 total)

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