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    Lauren Martin
    Words of Women
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    Submit your 10 word story here. Please include your name and Instagram handle. If you do not have an Instagram, please include your email address.

    Contest deadline is January 1

    Winner will be notified and have their story published on the account. They will also receive a Words of Women tote bag.

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    Carmen Platt

    My toenails never seem to keep its colour. Unlike you.

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    Amy Sergison

    Try hard. Pleased; succeed. Don’t try so hard. Disheartened; repeat.

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    Suzanne AbouOmar

    My EX loves my body, I’m flattered, my brain isn’t.

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    Single mother creating peace and love for her beautiful children.

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    Languages spoken under moonlight, ignite majestic madness through star-dusted lips.

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    I told him I loved him. He blinked; once, twice.

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    Stephanie Kemp

    She didn’t know fear. She erased it from her vocabulary.

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    Danniah Daher

    I killed myself. I wrapped the new me in gold.

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    Mirella Cooper

    I awaken…my eyes wide open, my body still shaking.

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    #METOO Survivor: Accosted, Assaulted, Demeaned. Depressed, Confused. Awoke, Forgave. Alive!

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    I wish that I could see galaxies in your eyes .

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    Julia Schneiderman, @juliajuliaroserose

    The coffee cooled, and so too did your quiet goodbye.

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    Elizabeth Belk

    Hurt people, hurt people.
    It’s not your fault.
    Let go.

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    Women are strong. Stronger than this. Stronger than our trials.

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