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Need a role model? Meet Nancy Wake…The leading figure in the French Resistance and the Gestapo’s most wanted person. In 1937 she met a wealthy French industrialist Henri Edmond Fiocca and they were living in Marsailles, France when the Germans invaded. Realizing that she needed to step up to the fuckin’ plate in order to get the France she loved back, she joined the French Resistance in 1940 and began her reputation as H.B.I.C. She worked as a courier and became so well-known for her ability to escape capture, the Gestapo called her the “White Mouse”. By 1943 she was the Gestapo’s most wanted person with a 5-million franc price on her head. Her network was betrayed in 1943 and she had to flee to Britain. Her husband was captured, tortured for information on her, and when he relented, he was killed. She led 7,000 guerrilla fighters in battles against the Nazis in the northern Auvergne, just before the D-Day landings in 1944. On one occasion, she strangled an SS sentry with her bare hands. On another, she cycled 500 miles to replace lost codes. In June 1944, she led her fighters in an attack on the Gestapo headquarters at Montlucon in central France. Ms Wake was furious the TV series [later made about her life] suggested she had had a love affair with one of her fellow fighters. She was too busy killing Nazis for amorous entanglements, she said. Nancy recalled later in life that her parachute had snagged in a tree. The French resistance fighter who freed her said he wished all trees bore “such beautiful fruit.” Nancy retorted: “Don’t give me that French shit.”

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