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Alice Notley from an interview (2017)…..Alice Notley is an American poet who came to prominence as a member of the second generation of the New York School of poetry. Notley’s early work laid both formal and theoretical groundwork for several generations of poets; she is considered a pioneering voice on topics like motherhood and domestic life. Notley’s experimentation with poetic form ranges from a blurred line between genres, to a quotation-mark driven interpretation of the variable foot, to a full reinvention of the purpose and potential of strict rhythm and meter. She also experimented with channeling spirits of deceased loved ones, primarily men gone from her life like her father and her husband, poet Ted Berrigan, and used these conversations as topics and form on her poetry. Her poems have also been compared to Gertrude Stein, as well as her contemporary Bernadette Mayer. Mayer and Notley both used their experience as mothers and wives in their work.


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