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Anita Moorjani is a New York Times best selling author of the book Dying to be Me, speaker, and intercultural consultant for multinational corporations. In 2006, after suffering cancer for almost four years, Anita’s organs started shutting down and she slipped into a deep coma. She was in coma for 30 hours. She was rushed to the hospital where she claims to have crossed into the afterlife during what is often referred to as a Near Death Experience. Moorjani had large lemon sized tumors all over her upper body from her neck to her abdomen. Her body would no longer absorb nourishment, her lungs were perpetually filled with fluid that needed to be drained regularly, and she was connected to piped oxygen. On 2 February 2006, she fell into a deep coma. The doctors told her family that her body had gone into organ failure and she was in her final hours of life. During those 30 hours, Moorjani experienced many characteristic details of a near death experience as well as details unique to her. Her account includes an out-of-body experience with observations and awareness of physical surroundings. Moorjani said she had a strong reluctance to return to her suffering and dying physical body, but was encouraged to return by her father and best friend who told her that she needed to return and to “live her life fearlessly”. Subsequent to coming out of her coma, Moorjani experienced a spontaneous healing. Her tumors shrunk by about 70% within four days, and within five weeks, she was cancer-free and released from hospital, although she had to spend a few months in physiotherapy to regain her strength and the use of all her muscles and limbs.


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