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A lesson we explored this week in the newsletter is ‘labeling.’ Upon meeting a person, the mind immediately jumps to an assumption of who these people are. These assumptions cause us to not be able to see the true person in front of us. We can only see a version of them that is clouded by our first impression of them.

Not only do we do this with the people we just meet, but also with those we’ve known or are close to. When we get emotional, or if we need or want something from that person, we don’t see what they need or their vulnerability and emotions. We also do this to ourselves. We make a name for ourselves by our reactions to things. We see things as “my depression” “my irritability” or “my aggression.” What we really need to do is tap into our most animal instincts. Look at it as “this is what I do to protect myself when faced with stress, danger, or confrontation.” So open up your minds to how you perceive yourself and others, just be aware of your assumptions and don’t allow them to cloud you perception of the human in front of you. (Sign up for newsletter if you haven’t. Link in bio)


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