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Muriel Rukeyser wrote that in 1968, even though she’d been splitting the world open for decades already. She’d gone from literary wunderkind to lefty pariah to feminist heroine precisely because of her commitment to telling the truth–about one woman’s life, yes, but also about many, many women’s lives, about the lives that weren’t yet celebrated in poetry.

By the time she was 25, she had gone to jail for her attempts to report on the Scottsboro Boys, conducted first-hand and archival research into the Gauley Bridge Tunnel disaster, and won the Yale Younger Poets Prize. She’d written multiple books of poetry and plenty of other work. She was well-known enough as a leftist writer that she caught the attention of the FBI. The FBI files on Rukeyser are rather surreal, in fact, a combination of surveillance, bureaucratic wheels turning, and poetry reviews.
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